Chapati Recipe                     

Recipe makes 8-10 chapati

You will need:        

  1. 1 cup warm water
  2. 2 tablespoons butter 
  3. 1 tablespoon sugar
  4. 1 teaspoon salt
  5. 3 cups flour ( I use 1/3 unbleached white flour and 2/3 whole wheat flour, but for the recipe, I used all white)

To make the dough,

  1. Pour 1 cup warm water in bowl, add 2 Tbs butter, 1 Tbs sugar and 1 tsp salt 
  2. Gradually add flour and mix with wooden spoon until its too thick to handle with the spoon. 
  3. Continue adding flour and kneading with hands until the dough is soft and no longer sticks to hands.
  4. Cover with cling wrap and let the dough rest (resting time for me depends on how much time I have. Sometimes when I am tight on time I will skip this step altogether)

To fry the Chapati 

You will need

  1. Some flour for the surface
  2. Light frying oil  in a bowl with a spoon (olive oil is a bit too heavy and doesn’t do a really good job, but you can try it if you like. I however suggest you first try with the lighter cooking oils)
  3. Heavy bottomed skillet
  4. Flipper
  5. Knife
  6. Plate to put your chapati when done. 
  7. Rolling pin (not shown on pic 😜)

  1. Put some flour on the surface and with the rolling pin roll the dough into a round circle (not too thin)
  2. Spread the oil around the circle evenly with a spoon or your hands (I am assuming they are super clean)
  3. Grab one end of the circle and roll it over (as if you are making cinnamon rolls)
  4. Cut the rolled tube up into 8-10 pieces, and place on one side of your work surface.
  5. Turn the stove on so the skillet can start heating up. 
  6. Take one of the pieces (which should be oily-ish) and roll into nice thin circle.(as thin as you can get without breaking, or if you like fat chapatis, then don’t roll too much)
  7. Place your rolled circle on the (now hot) skillet, and let the chapati cook just a little.
  8. Flip to the other side, and with the back of your spoon, put a little bit of oil on the cooked side, and spread. (Depending on how hot your skilled/pan is, you need to do this pretty quickly as the other side could easily burn)
  9. Flip back to the oiled side, oil the other side, flip ack again and let this side cook a bit.
  10. Your chapati is ready. Repeat with your other chapatis. 
  11. As you get more seasoned, you will be able to stack 3 or more chapatis and cook them at the same time. The weight on top helps the chapatis cook faster. 

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