It’s A Boy! No it’s a girl!

Originally written as an update to my friends in March 2009.

A  few of you may not know yet, but I am 28 weeks pregnant with our fourth child. An 
“Ooops”. But that’s not the update!

In the Kenyan tribe where I come from (Meru) there is a mythological tree, far, far away which if you go around a few number of times (7 times I think), your gender switches. You become a girl if you are a boy and a boy if you are a girl. I have met a few people who have tried to go around but freaked out when they got to round 6. So, I don’t know anyone who has successfully had a gender switch from this tree.

Until now!!

About 10 weeks ago, I had a sonogram (ultra-sound scan) done and the sonographer said,

“It’s a boy!”  I screamed with delight, but was careful to ask her, “Are you sure?”
“90 % sure” She replied, “Unless something falls off,” she added the disclaimer. This was at a “high risk” (due to “advanced maternal age”)  prenatal clinic, so their sonogram machines are pretty high tech and sophisticated, so we thought, “90% is pretty good! It must be a boy.”

Yesterday, March 25th, 2009  we went for a 4D sonogram, and before the sonographer started doing the sonogram, she asked, “Is it a boy or a girl?” “A boy…,” I quickly and proudly told her, “…but we are gonna confirm today,” I added, thinking nothing of it. She started on the sonogram and we were all enjoying the “baby in utero movie” (My husband and two younger daughters were with me). I lay on that bed in total bliss savoring every image of the “little boy”.

Then Joy, (for that’s the name of the sonographer) said, “Well, I can’t confirm that

it’s a boy.” “What do you mean?” I asked her in utter disbelief.

“I don’t see any boy parts (that’s what they call them). Indeed, I see girl parts!!!,” she

said, wide eyed, goggling at the computer screen.

I screamed! “You better find those boy parts. Look everywhere till you find them.” Up to this point, I really thought she was kidding. “We’ll come back and look again. Lets take some other pictures.” She took a few more “poses”, and went back “a-searching” for the boy parts.  Nada, Nothing, Gone!! “All I see is girl parts.” She repeated.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“100%,” she said.

She even showed us, and since this was a 4D sonogram, it was clear enough that even I, with no sonography training, could see the girl parts. Also, the facial features were quite feminine….But who am I to know?

The whole sonogram was taped in 4D on a VHS tape, and we brought it home, so we can replay it.

To cut the long story short, either SOMETHING fell off, completely dissolved and vanished or the boy discovered the Meru tree and went around it enough times to become a girl. We are happy it’s a girl (our fourth). However, I still have about 10 weeks before I am due, so if during that 10 weeks she goes back to the Meru tree and goes round it and the “boy parts” mysteriously re-appear, then, that will also be welcome.

George took it in his stride…He actually took it better than I did. His response, “At

least we had 10 weeks of hope for a boy.”

My response, “Another head of hair to do!”. I was really looking forward to a head I could shave clean! I had even started shopping for a head shaving machine!!!

Liza, our eldest has always said she wanted a girl since we found out we were expecting, so when we initially found out it was a boy, she wasn’t particularly excited. Today, when I picked her up from the school, I told her the news, and she jumped up and down, and said, “Yeeeeeaaaaaah!!!”

I asked her, “why do you want a girl?”

“Because girls like pretty things.  Boys like guns, Pokemon, Batman, Spiderman and transformer” (what’s transformer???? I’ll have to find out from a boy mom)

I shared the news of the “sex change” with my 20 year old nephew, who lives with us , and his reaction/response? “How did it happen?”….And my answer… “Who am I to know?”

Thanks for reading….I will keep you updated in case things change, or even if they dont.


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